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VieLight 810 Infrared

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The latest non-laser model, 810 Infrared is specifically targeted for the brain. In theory it should perform comparably to the other two models of shorter wavelengths for circulatory-related conditions but it there are yet insufficient test data to confirm this. However, the wavelength of 810 nm in this model penetrates more directly and deeper into the brain to reach deeper lying glands. Brain cells respond just as well as other cells in the body to this dosage of light energy. Note for users – this near-infrared red light is invisible to the naked eye. In addition, it is engineered to pulse at 10 Hz, which has been associated with brain oscillation in alpha state. In studies, this has drawn the greatest neurological healing in traumatized brains. This state also helps to release certain calming chemicals in the brain.

The Vielight 810 Infrared emits an infrared light with an 810 nm wavelength. The longer wavelength allows photons to reach and photobiomodulate your brain cells. Engineered to pulse at 10 Hz, this frequency is associated with neural oscillation in the alpha state.

In a Harvard study conducted, this draws the greatest neurological healing in traumatized brains. This state also helps to release calming chemicals in the brain, which helps with sleeping conditions.

The LED beam footprint spans the underside of the brain, including the mid-brain area. With these specifications, the power density is 7.6 mW/cm² (net of duty cycle) per session.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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VieLight 810 Infrared

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