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Hands Free Laser Hair Rejuvenation

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Introducing the iGrow Laser, the very first hands free, most advanced hair rejuvenating at home laser treatment. The iGrow's patent pending combination of built-in laser and LED light devices revolutionizes hair rejuvenation by giving you the maximum results.

Clinical studies proved that hair responds best to red light in the 650 - 670 nm wave-length range. The iGrow has a wave-length of 670 nm. Pulsing light can enhance the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy and therefore stop the progression of hair loss and stimulate new regrowth. The red light is delivered by the laser or LEDs and is absorbed into the mitochondria of the cells in the hair follicle. This activates the stimulation of the anagen phase of the hair cycle and therefore stopping hair loss.

Convenient: Wear anywhere while working on the computer, watching TV or listening to your music.

Effective: Designed to cover the entire scalp with 51 laser/LEDs that provide an effective and efficient treatment.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

iGrow sessions are completely automated and easy. Just use the iGrow 2-3 times per week for 20-25 minutes. You should allow a day in between sessions to give your scalp some downtime.
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Hands Free Laser Hair Rejuvenation

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